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Company Overview

It is our pleasure to take this opportunity to introduce MECHATRIC Company and to offer you our services for your requirements. MECHATRIC operates under highly experienced engineers, skilled teams and combined with excellent systems of project documentation, cooperation and management. Not only turnkey but also MECHATRIC own-designed projects have been pleasingly accepted by the clients under our fair guarantee conditions and after-sale services. Hereby we are very confident that all customers will reach and fulfill their projects satisfaction admirably under our services.
We believe that our responsibility to customers does not end with the project closeout but we do commit to take care your project closely like it is ours in the future. Since, it is one of our important policies to run our business under the client prosperity.  We also keep providing the latest technology solutions to our clients in order to maintain the compatibility with your existing system, and can stand on the front runner in the market. In addition we have high attention to provide a fast response solution to your requirement wherever and whenever you need it.
We also would like to say thank you in advance, and please feel free to discuss your requirements with us.

Background & Objectives
MECHATRIC is established by a group of experienced sciences and engineers for the purpose of providing the best quality of engineering and construction in the market particularly in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering system works in both domestic and international regions. MECHATRIC has always emphasized on providing services with international standard, best quality, professional methodology, and solid technical procedures.
Furthermore If the clients need any integrated package of application that cover Mechanical, Electrical, Process Control, Motion Control and/or other automation technology which will be enable you to ensure that the application solutions can achieve your goals, MECHATRIC can help you through. MECHATRIC dedicates to help customers in Thailand and around the world to improve their process in order to reduce production losses and increase in the total productivity.
With more than 17 years of experience team Mechatric’s goal is to design  and  build for  all  Engineering System Works that are simple to do service maintenance, free from defects and easy to operate which will  give  our  customers  the  flexibility  to adjust and modify to hit  their objectives.

Scope of Supplies
Turnkey Design and Build For Mechanical System
  • Air Conditioning System: HVAC,    Exhaust, Ventilation, Dehumidifier
  • Utilities Work & Piping Works
  • Chilled/Hot/Cold/Soft Water System
  • Compressed Air System
  • Fire Protection System
  • Clean Room Class 100,000/10,000/   1,000
  • Cold Room: Standard design, Fire   proof and Explosion proof standard
  • Sandwich Panel for Wall and Ceiling
  • Process Machine Installation and Modification
  • Emulsion / Polymer Modified Asphalt Plant
  • Local Fabrication Steel Works
  • Mixing & Weighing System
Turnkey Design and Build For Electrical & Control System    
  • H.V. & L.V. Feeder and Branching
  • Switch Gear, Transformer, MDB, MCC, Control  Panel / Mimic
  • Lighting System & Grounding System
  • Emergency Power  for Process Machine Power backup
  • Fire Alarm, CCTV & Public Address System
  • Network and Communications System
  • Smart Building and Office Automation System
  • PLC / PC Operating and Monitoring System
Process and Equipment Supply
  • VAF Instruments from Holland : Viscosity Meter, Liquid Flow Meter, Oil Discharger, Shaft Power Measurement, Fuel Oil Blending Unit, Alarm Signal sensors
  • PMA & EMU Local made for Asphalt Industries made under  International standard by Mechatric,  with PC/PLC/DCS control system
IBM Sriracha
NS Electronics
Pump Barge Ship 3
Ground Calcite Plant Lopburi
Seacon Expansion
S12, 13, 14 MRTA
Emulsion Plant
New factory A&B
Cold Room Project
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